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“Your professional resume got my foot in the door for many interviews, and I landed the job I have wanted for at least five years!” (Diane Kruse)

“This is just another testimony of your outstanding capabilities… You and your company stand head and shoulders above the competition.
(William F. Troy)

“Resume services that I had used previously left me with a generic resume and a feeling of 'I could have done this myself.' However, during our initial consultation I was immediately impressed with your knowledge and capabilities… I honestly consider my resume to be one of the wisest investments I ever made.” (Bonnie Ruth Wolf)

You will meet with Anne Follis for an in-depth career consultation. I don't do any face-to-face consultations anymore. I hope this isn't a problem. During this session the two of you will brainstorm together, defining your career goals, establishing your most powerful qualifications, and structuring the strongest presentation based upon your objectives. Your information will be assembled and a customized resume will be created. Next, you will review a draft of your resume and identify any adjustments or modifications. From there your resume will be prepared promptly and readied for distribution.

For more information, or to set a time for a consultation, call 309.256.6296
“You certainly could write the book on 'personal and professional service.' I am sure that all of your clients must feel the sincerity of your desire to build a resume that best highlights their individual strengths and focuses on their strong points. It was a sincere joy to work with you… you certainly went well beyond my expectations.” (Max Lalicker)

“The thought of starting from scratch with a job search was a scary one, but made easier with your expert guidance and, most importantly, a dynamite resume… Chalk-up another success story!” (Randy McGuire)

“Garry and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on his CV. We were anxious to see how it was received because it looked so good. The response we got was even more than we anticipated. Without exception, the people we sent it to remarked on how impressive it was... it showcased Garry’s background, skills, and experience in a unique and arresting way. You really did a fine job with it, Anne, and we are grateful.” (Physician Garry Teigland and his wife, Char)

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