The Power of Verbs

In submitting a resume, you don’t have the subtleties of non-verbal communication that play such a significant role in face-to-face and even phone encounters. The tone and inflection of your voice, the way you sit or walk, your conversational style – these means of conveying who-you-are and what-you-have-to-offer a prospective employer are unavailable to you prior to the interview.

The words on your resume are all you have to suggest confidence, and the strategic use of verbs can make a critical difference in the way you are perceived. Rather than suggest a passive role, verbs communicate action, control, and purpose. Compare the following sentences:

1) Responsible for sales, marketing, recruiting, customer service, client presentations, and business development for the West Coast branch.

2) Oversee sales and marketing for the West Coast branch. Generate and develop new clients while providing ongoing support to established accounts. Prospect potential clients via cold calling, telemarketing, and direct mail. Create targeted customer presentations, develop and adapt services to client specifications, and collaborate with recruiters to locate and place both temporary and long-term employees.

Each sentence says the same thing, but the impact of the second is much more powerful, in large part because of the use of verbs. Use verbs on your resume and see what a difference it can make.

~ Anne Follis, Certified Professional Resume Writer

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