Your Summer Job Search

Are you tempted to take the summer off and wait until the fall to ramp up your job search? You could be missing some great opportunities.

Contrary to popular opinion, employers still hire during the summer months, and recruiters are always on the lookout for new talent. Besides, the summer is going to end soon enough, and when it does, all those job seekers who took the summer off are going to hit the proverbial pavement . . . and the job boards. At that point, the competition could get very intense. Why not get the jump on things?

While others are taking the summer off, keep networking, take a course or two to upgrade or expand your skills, research prospective employers, and keep sending out that resume. When it comes to your career, summer doesn’t have to mean time out. In fact, if you are proactive, you could find it very productive.

~ Anne Follis, CPRW

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