Questions to Ask the Interviewer During an Interview

Toward the end of an interview, it’s customary for an interviewer to ask an applicant, “Do you have any questions?” While you may be tempted to ask about benefits, salary, or vacation days, save those questions until you are made a solid offer. At this point, a thoughtful and intelligent response is sure to work in your favor. It’s also important to remember that every interview goes two ways. While the interviewer is judging whether or not you, the applicant, are a good fit for the position, you are also judging whether or not the company and the position are right for you, so take advantage of the opportunity. Following are some sample questions for you to ask the interviewer:

What major strengths should a person possess to perform well in this position?

What are your highest expectations for the person who fills this job?

Why is this position open? And how long has it been open?

To whom would I report? And with whom would I be working?

If I am offered and accept this position, what do you see me accomplishing after two years with the company? Five years?

What kind of turnover does your company (or this department) have? May I speak with some people in the department and/or the person who held the position for which I’m interviewing? (These questions are designed to give you an idea of what the company’s employees think about the organization. If the interviewer objects to this, it may be an indication that things are not as they seem.)

~ Anne Follis, CPRW

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